This is the first of a bi-weekly blog that will appear in this space. Hopefully it will provide you with something helpful in life or business or whatever. Start with us.  Rachel is president and Jim is vice president of Trading Wise, Inc. We are an international marketing company. No, not a broker. We are more than that.

People ask us “What is it that you do?” We answer:  “What do you need?”  Because, that is about it!  We can source product or services for you overseas or domestically. We help overseas companies come to the U.S. and save them time and money. We do the same for domestic companies that want to have more of a global footprint.

We believe that if trade crosses borders, chances are good that troops will not. There are exceptions of course. No fun to do business with a megalomaniac, no matter how rich the prize.  If the focus is business and understanding, it is much easier to find common ground and put the differences aside.

We find that an open mind and a friendly attitude goes a long way to getting something started.  You cannot really understand someone from another culture unless you walk a mile in their shoes. That may not be possible, so try a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine with that someone.  It works.

One more thing:  Rachel has her own business besides Trading Wise.  She is a personal counselor, if you will, a Life Coach. If you are at a point in life where it is time to “Write Your Next Chapter”, she can help your turn the page.  Read some more on her website:  (www.writeyournextchapter.com).

Jim does a lot of public speaking and writes a monthly syndicated column on the Middle East and other subjects.  Okay, that’s us. Let us hear from you.

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