A Really Stupid Decision

Washington is locked in an death embrace from which there is no extraction.  The cities vote Democratic when they bother to vote, the rural and ex-urb areas vote Republican and they usually do vote.  So, gridlock is pre-determined.

The way it looks, if The President declared the sun rises in the East, the Senate would verify it and the House would vote against it.  You would think that with the decrepit infrastructure of our nation, that about the third time you rattled across a bridge or looked at our highways you would scream for something to be done.

Some cities, like Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle  and others, fed up with Congress, are moving on their own with private/public partnerships to fix their own infrastructure, fix up their urban areas and get their economies moving. Their congressmen do nothing. But – and here is the weird part – all the incumbents will be sent back to Washington!  Why?

At the end of this month, the Import Export bank will run out of funds. Congress will not approve new ones. Why?  Some call it “Crony Capitalism”.  Not fair, they say. Not fair to whom?  What the EX-IM bank does, is to guarantee exporters that what they ship halfway around the world will be paid for!

If they receiving group does not, the exporter gets his money from EX-IM and then EX-IM goes after the debtor.  This represents about 35% of the exports from Central Florida!  Imagine the impact on small, medium and large businesses if EX-IM is out of funds and these businesses can no longer have the guarantees that they will be paid.

Okay, Congress is dumb,overpaid and yeah, we keep sending the same fools back every two years.  BUT – send them a note or make a call about EX-IM.   They are about to cost about 10,000 Floridians their jobs.

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