The Challenge of Going Digital

As you probably know, The International Round Table has been holding monthly meetings for close to twenty years.  We have successfully”closed” three venues in that time. No, seriously – we met at the Banker’s Guest Club in the SunTrust building  – they closed the facility.  We then met at the Citrus Club  – and when they remodeled, they dis – invited us.  We found a wonderful venue at the University Club.So, after ninety years, they are tearing down the building!

We were unable to find a suitable venue that would be easy to get to for all our potential attendees and at a price that made sense.  So – as suggested by so many, we are now going DIGITAL!

We will publish our posts from time to time, add pictures from our events and travels – we invite you to send us the same and we will publish them. This is not Facebook, so no anniversary parties – but business events, meetings and the like  –  by all means.

We want you to be a part of this web site – send us stories about your business, your business events, You Tube videos if you think they are relevant.  We will continue our e-mail program, so there is another avenue for you to tell your story,show us your relevant videos, etc.

We have seen the Central Florida Market grow exponentially over the years. It is now a surging, innovative engine for business.  We always describe Orlando  by closing a fist and holding our thumb down. Try it – it looks somewhat like a peninsula. We show Orlando right smack dab in the middle.  We then show our deep water ports to the east and the west; interstate highways running east and west as well as north and south.  A strong railroad network and one of the busiest airports in the world.

Yes, we tell people – we are more than theme parks.

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