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We have been partners for very close to sixty years. We have been in business together and separately. A couple of years ago, a friend of ours, Pam Hoelzle who runs the Launch Pad program at the University of Central Florida asked us to address a bunch of the students in the program about “serial entrepreneurship”.

The Launch Pad is a program, backed by the Blackstone Investment Group, wherein students and post-grad individuals get to work on their innovations, apps and other new, patent ready products and services.

We spoke at the Launch Pad space in the UCF Student Union. When we asked Pam how we did, she said, “Mostly they wanted to know how you’ve done it for so long.” As we all well know, the Millenial Generation and some GenX’rs are not much for long relationships – either personally or in business.

She asked if we would come back and talk about a sixty year partnership. We sat down over two long Sunday mornings and came up with eleven fundamentals for a lasting partnership. We have now made this presentation about a dozen times to groups ranging from a dozen to a couple of hundred. It has been very well received.

We are ready now to move “A Conversation about a Sixty Year Partnership” from “Beta” mode to a polished, yet spontaneous presentation. We are open for service clubs, business meetings and conventions or any other group that might benefit from our insights.

“A Conversation” really does best in an open forum interview format, with Q&A throughout instead of at the end. We are free to travel as needed. If you belong to a group, club or other entity that might have interest in this project please e-mail or call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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