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The lady Irma is long gone – but the memory lingers on. We read of a lovely community in Longwood which flooded because a retaining pond put there by the Ultimate I-4 Project collapsed during the Hurricane.  Tsk, tsk.

Hospitals in Jacksonville suffered damage and a great loss of cash flow (yes, it matters to them as it dos to us) and are still recovering.  The Citrus Crop for 2017?  Forget about it.

We are not Puerto Rico by any stretch (Thank God) but the lingering effects of the Lady Irma should generate some serious thought about the future natural disasters in a growing metropolitan area.

We try not to delve into politics, but the story of the Bill passed by Congress with regard to going after Drug Companies engaged in the Opioid epidemic deserves a repeat and a desire to hear your reaction.

The Bill in essence castrated the DEA from going after major drug distributors who shipped massive amounts of Opioid pills to small drug stores in rural areas resulting in multiple deaths an tons of overdose cases.

We mean, shipping over half a million pills to a West Virginia drug store in a town of twenty five thousand people?  The real rub?:  Congress passed the Bill by unanimous acclaim (not even a debate!).  Thanks to CBS 60 Minutes and the Washington Post for the expose.

We understand the Bill was only seven pages in length. Seven pages! – And yet, obviously not a single Senator or sitting Congress person even read it!!Pardon us for a bi-partisan:  BOO!!We pay these guys (and ladies) to protect us?  To represent our thoughts and beliefs?  Is there really that much Big Pharma Money sloshing around?

Good friend and Active Guy Heissam Jebailey is at it again!  Thursday,October 26th he is speaking at Morton’s Steakhouse in Dr.Phillips at the “Success Series” to build and grow your business.  More at

We are really curious about what is going to happen in the area’s efforts to add affordable housing to low income families.  Interesting in an area that is also near the top in low paying jobs, a natural offshoot of a tourist based business model.  After all, we are Florida and the home of the “Happiest Place on Earth”.  Not if you can’t affprd t0 live here.

A recent survey showed that in order for a family of four to live in decent housing in a relatively safe area, it would need an average hourly wage of twenty five dollars an hour.  Lots of luck.

Heard the news about a new “trend” in TV viewing?  It’s called “Binge Racing”.  A”Binge Race”  is seeing how many episodes of a given streaming program you can watch in twenty four hours. To which we say:  Get a Life!!

For the FloriDUH segment, we must once again thank Sentinel Columnist Scott Maxwell.  Read ’em and weep.

  1.  A candidate for a Florida House Seat says he’s been contacted by Aliens.  Unfortunately like manyFlorida Felons, Aliens cannot register,much less vote.
  2. You are probably familiar with the phenomenon of “Scary Clowns” jumping out of bushes and scaring mostly teenagers out of their britches.  Well, one sad clown did it and got whacked by a kids Selfie Stick.  We guess this could have happened anywhere, but somehow it happened here in FloriDUH.
  3. And just to show that we are in the forefront of active government, the Clerk of Courts in Jefferson County was arrested after hosting a nude photo shoot at the County Courthouse.   Maybe you want to re-think that decision to turn down jury duty.                                                                                    Fall is here at last.  Be well, do good work, stay in touch.

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