The Virtual International Round Table for 1/4/2018

As we launch into 2018, we want to wish you hope and luck and health for this eighteenth year of the most recent millennium.  The last year was full of changes.  Based on your political views, rooting preferences and flood insurance, you can make your own plus or minus on 2017.

Remember when the far distant future as shown in the first real Space Movie was called:  “2001 – A Space Odyssey”?  2001!  Now we talk about crashing into Jupiter’s moon and colonizing Mars.

Leave to our former home town of Apopka to remain our country bumpkin cousin.  Never mind that the fine dining spot is called:  “The Catfish Place” or the most evident downtown edifice is a laundromat.

The City Council banned medical marijuana dispensaries a few months back.  Some member of the Council must have taken a road trip outside the city limits to realize that medical marijuana dispensaries are now legal and that legal ones are like a ten minute drive from the City Limits.  So  –  now medical marijuana dispensaries are legal in Apopka – but The Catfish Place still dominates.

We must join the chorus of cheering fans as the Black Knights of UCF capped an unbeaten season (only college in the nation to do so) with a defeat of an SEC ” power house” – the Auburn Tigers. As the Orlando Sentinel said  –  there is a “Cartel” that supervises the College Playoff system which precludes a school like UCF from participating.  If Auburn beat Alabama and Georgia (who will play tonight for the “National Championship”) and UCF beat Auburn = UCF are National Champs  – Logical?

2017 will be remembered as the year women fought back.  We admit we are from a different era when the “Old Boy Network” dominated the workplace and women were not given the opportunities, respect or dignity they deserved.

The appearance of Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award underlined that a new day has dawned.  The headlines cover “people we know” – celebrities from movies, television, politics and other high profile industries from dance to standup comedy.

We can tell you that from “Back in the Day” right up until this moment the sexual harassment continues apace in the restaurant industry, at automobile dealerships and myriad other industries.  Guys:  take note.

While not meaning to disparage her, we did get a chuckle out of the Letter to the Editor of the Orlando Sentinel from a lady in Largo, Florida.  She did a “Tut-Tut” to the Sentinel for reporting the spillage from a truck in a traffic accident of a couple of thousand Tilapia on to I-4 as a “traffic accident”, and not as the death of that many animals.

A vegan, as we understand it, “won’t eat anything with eyes”.  Our children had a sentimental connection to the goldfish in their bedroom.  They insisted on a formal burial for every one that died.  So, yes Mrs. O’Connor from Largo, Florida  –  we will include the deceased Tilapia in our Friday prayers this week.

We love Lauren Richie.  Her column in the Orlando Sentinel is pithy, to the point and sharp.  She wrote this last week about the bullies and martinets who run Condo and home Owners’ Associations.

Jim spent some time on the board of a Synagogue to which we belonged when we lived in Cleveland (where, as we write, the temp is in the teens and there is thirty four inches of snow on the ground – so, stop your complaining).  He quit when he figured out that it was a place where mostly guys who could get a word in at home could spout nonsense – where people stuck in meaningless jobs could come and feel important for an hour or two.

The local bru-ha-ha deals with a support dog whose supportee is a Viet Nam Vet.  The pooch had the audacity to eat well enough to be a couple of pounds over the limit for dogs allowed in the Condo Complex where they live.  The Condo Board really had two choices.  One, they could ignore the sixteen plus ounce infraction  – or they could exceptions for Service Dogs. Or…but, no, the Board’s Decision:  No dog!  Even though there were no complaints.  Score one for bureaucratic excess.  Looking out the window from time to time we think there ought to be a limit on the weight of some residents.

“The Fundamentals:  A Conversation about a Sixty Year Partnership” is doing better than we thought it would according to tallies from our publisher.  It’s on Amazon and B&N.  It’s even on the shelf at the local Barnes & Noble – so try it – you might even like it!

Got an event or promotion to be promoted?  Let us know and we will tell all about it.  Meantime:  Be well, do good work – stay in touch.

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